So, finally got the new website up and running!  We tried to keep it simple so that you could focus on what we really do....tattoos! No sketchbooks, machine photos, crazy background drawings that never seem to look good or tons of bullshit information about our lives and dreams in the world of tattooing.  

We're gonna keep the blog pretty fresh (was my New Year's resolution) and hope to give everyone a different take on tattooing. Especially a focus on the history of our fine art. Seems like tattoo shops are popping up like ugly mushrooms and most actually think Ed Hardy is a clothing brand...(even in his old age, he can tattoo circles around most "tattooers").

Lot's of strange ramblings and musings about tattooing as well...a different take let's say.

"so what does that have to do with me"?, you may well ask...  well, probably nothing...but we are proud of where we come from and the people we've had the chance to meet and know and are gonna share some of them with you on this blog.  

Of course, there will be a bit of everything, but let's start with this video and get schooled about where we come from.  Without these two guys and a few others, tattoos would still be in the gutter....thanks Ed!

'till next time!

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wGDrXkXck8